Our Instructors

All of our Instructors are experienced and licensed to teach by the state.  They are all trained in a unique competency based approach to teach specialized Health Care Courses.

A Professional Health Care Education Company


We offer mobile and in classroom clinical training to prepare for-

CNA Certifications

Phlebotomist Certifications

CPR Certifications

CNA Certification

The CNA Certification Classes

This class consists of learning in the class room, instruction in a clinical setting and online supplemental educational material.

A new class begins every month in Davis County!

CNA Training Program - $400


Price includes: Classroom instruction, textbook for use during class, clinical instruction and state CNA exam preparation

Additional Fees

CPR Certification for Healthcare Providers and card: $50 (optional certification offered as a separate four-hour class)
State exam testing fee: $75 paid directly to testing center at the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (for questions on the state exam, please visit http://www.utahcna.com)
Required supplies: You will need a name tag (provided to you for a $4 fee), athletic-style comfortable shoes for clinicals, a watch with a secondhand and scrubs (any color and style). You may purchase your own stethoscope and blood pressure cuff (optional), or you may use ours during class for no additional fee.

Test Preparation

  • Flexible Class Schedule
  • Specialized Clinical Experience
  • Competency Based  Learning
  • Scheduled 1 on 1 Support